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TRACE Shipping and Logistics CourseTRACE Shipping and Logistics Course

TRACE Global Anti-Bribery Compliance Training for Shipping and Logistics

Click the GO icon to launch the course.  It will open in a separate window. You will be able to select your language preference after you open the course.

Once you have completed the course a certificate will be awarded to you. You will find your certificate on the "My Account" page, directly under the calendar.

Recommended Technical Specifications for Viewing This Course:

PCs, MACs, Laptops:                         

  • PCs, Laptops - Windows 8 or higher ~ IE 11, Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox (latest versions)
  • MAC - OSX 10.13 | Safari (latest version)


Mobile Tablets:

  • iPad
  • Nexus
  • Galaxy S7
  • Lenovo Flex 15


*ios 9 or higher; Android 6.0 or higher*


Connection Speeds:

  • Wired Connection – 1 to 4 Mbps (Megabits per second)
  • Wireless Connection – 2 to 3 Mbps (Megabits per second)

Additional Recommendations:

  • Cookies allowed
  • JavaScript enabled
  • .JS files allowed
  • localStorage enabled
  • Frames enabled
  • Popup Blocker disabled
  • Referrers allowed
Credits: 1
Estimated Length: 1 hour(s)


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