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Catalog: 1. Program Phase 1: Fundamentals

This phase consists of 7 one-hour fundamental courses, which candidates are encouraged to complete before moving on to intermediate and advanced courses.

Catalog: 2. Catalog A-Z

Includes all available courses

Catalog: 3.1 Compliance Programs and Risk Management

Courses focused on corporate compliance programs, third party due diligence, and books and records and internal controls provisions.

Catalog: 3.2 Country/Region Specific

Courses focused on anti-bribery challenges in specific countries including, but not limited to, China, Russia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil and Myanmar.

Catalog: 3.3 Industry-Specific

Courses tailored for oil and gas, aerospace and defense, technology, retail, healthcare, financial services industries and the international development community.

Catalog: 3.4 International Organizations & Civil Society

Courses focused on international organizations

Catalog: 3.5 Investigations and Enforcement

Courses focused on investigations and law enforcement.

Catalog: 5. Courses Recorded in 2017

Courses Recorded in 2017
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