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Please note that on Saturday, 16 February and Sunday 17 February, the TRACE LMS will be undergoing maintenance and site updates. During this time you may encounter a delay or interruption in access to your training site. All testing and maintenance will be completed by Sunday 17 February. For assistance with any technical issues or troubleshooting requests please email training@traceinternational.org.

请注意,2月16日星期六和2月17日星期日,TRACE LMS将进行维护和更新。在此期间,您可能会在访问培训网站时遇到延迟或中断。所有测试和维护将于2月17日周日完成。有关任何技术问题或疑难解答请求的帮助,请发送电子邮件至training@traceinternational.org.

Veuillez noter que le Samedi 16 février et le Dimanche 17 février, le site TRACE LMS fera l’objet d’une maintenance et de mises à jour. Pendant ce temps, vous risquez de rencontrer un retard ou une interruption dans l’accès à votre site de formation. Tous les tests et la maintenance seront terminés d’ici le Dimanche 17 février. Pour toute assistance technique ou demande de dépannage, Veuillez envoyer un e-mail à training@traceinternational.org.

Примите к сведению, что в субботу, 16 февраля и в воскресенье 17 февраля сайт  TRACE LMS будет обновляться и обслуживаться. В это время Вы можете столкнуться с задержкой или прерыванием при доступе к сайту, на котором Вы проходите тренинг. Тестирование и обслуживание будут закончены к воскресенью 17 февраля. Для получения помощи при любых технических проблемах, пожалуйста, присылайте запросы на электронный адрес training@traceinternational.org.

Por favor tenga en cuenta que el Sábado 16 de Febrero y el Domingo 17 de Febrero, el TRACE LMS estará en mantenimiento y se realizarán actualizaciones. Durante este tiempo, es posible que ocurra una demora o interrupción en el acceso a su página de capacitación. Todas las pruebas y el mantenimiento se completarán el Domingo 17 de Febrero. Para obtener ayuda con cualquier problema técnico o para solicitudes de resolución de problemas, envíe un correo electrónico a training@traceinternational.org.


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Dear TASA Candidate,

Welcome to TASA: TRACE Anti-Bribery Specialist Accreditation® Program. We are delighted that you decided to pursue TASA accreditation and look forward to guiding you through the program. Upon completion of the program, you will become part of an exclusive group of professionals, who like you are accredited as anti-bribery compliance specialists. The only accreditation program available that is dedicated exclusively to anti-bribery compliance, this program offers companies the highest level of training for their employees and provides individuals with a way to advance their career with a specific subject matter credential.

Program Overview

New Applicants

New applicants have one year to complete 20 credits in order to receive TASA accreditation. The TASA program is divided into three substantive phases:

  • Phase 1 – Required completion of all Fundamental courses (Total of 11 credits)
  • Phase 2 – Required completion of all Advanced courses (Total of 11 credits)
  • Phase 3 – Optional completion of TASA Specializations available as follows:

o   Regional - LatAm, Europe, AsiaPac

o   Subject Matter - Business Integrity & Risk

o   Industry - Oil, Gas & Energy, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Aerospace & Defense, Tech & Telecom

o   To note more than one specialization can be sought. For each specialization,  a total of 5 credits must be completed

Once you have completed the courses for each Phase, you will be eligible to take the exam for that phase. For Phases 1 and 2 respectively you will be required to complete a 55 question exam. For each specialization you will be required to complete a 25 question exam.

Credits towards TASA are offered for attendance to TASA-accredited conferences and TRACE live events. Additionally, candidates with directly-relevant professional experience are eligible to receive one (1) qualifying credit for each year of experience, up to a maximum of four (4) credits. To receive credits for your attendance to a live event or professional experience, please send an email to TASA@traceinternational.org.

Renewal Applicants

Your TASA accreditation is valid for one year. The accreditation must be renewed each year and you will need to complete 8 course hours before your renewal date. You can now complete your TASA renewal by clicking the above "Renewal Form" link.  Please note that you will need to print and upload your system transcript in order for your renewal to be processed. Should you wish to add a specialization(s) at renewal, you may do so. Please email the TASA team @tasa@traceinternational.org and we will be sure you are provided with the appropriate exam for your specialization(s) once all required course have been completed.

Exam Information

If you have completed Phase 1, 2 or the required courses for a specialization(s) and are ready to take the exam for that Phase (or specialization) please email tasa@traceinternational.org to have the exam set up in your account.


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